Imagine trying to read a book when many of the letters are missing, some are simply wrong, and the others are so different in size that it makes the text unreadable. The story would be lost.

Current DNA sequencing technologies suffer from these challenges, particularly when the sample size is limited.

BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA™ technology (formerly SkrybAmp), powered by Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA), enables even coverage of the entire genome during DNA amplification and allows for unprecedented accuracy and uniformity in DNA sequence coverage and base calling – the identification of the individual DNA bases.

This is all true even when the original sample is as small as the DNA from a single cell.

The benefits of the BioSkryb ResolveDNA™ technology include the ability to control the amplicon size during amplification to allow the incorporation of barcode identifiers into each sample template and to perform exquisitely reproducible and sensitive detection of DNA lesions. This foundational technology has broad application from ancestry genotyping, determining gene editing efficiency, to the detection of single resistant mutant cells (MRD) in heterogeneous cancers, such as leukemia. It also enables new applications for gene sequencing that need resolution simply not available today.

– Jay West

Our Story

The founding  scientific team at BioSkryb combines deep experience in the development of highly sensitive and accurate tools for single-cell analysis, with a key focus on the research and clinical needs of new applications that enable improved health management. We are rapidly building the infrastructure to make those tools widely available to the research community and others.

The ResolveDNA kit, for the first time, provides the required breadth, specificity, and sensitivity to define cellular heterogeneity at the level of the most basic building blocks of life.

While we realize that the new levels of genome resolution enable advances across the broad spectrum of genotyping applications, and we are providing tools supporting those advances, the team is driven by a paramount mission: to provide medical researchers and clinicians with the ability to elucidate the mechanisms of pathology in the genome.

Powered by primary template-directed genome amplification (PTA) the ResolveDNA kit allows the unprecedented variant determination and genome coverage required to define combinations of mutations which interfere with the basis of cellular function. PTA provides best-in-class analysis of DNA in small samples, even a single cell. Applications include basic research in cellular heterogeneity improved genotyping, analysis of minimal residual disease in cancer treatment, exact specification of how our genomes are modified through interactions with our environments, determining side effects of purposeful gene modification such as CRISPR, and many others.