Jason Howard, MS

Product Application Scientist

Jason Howard is originally from Ocala, Florida.  He received his undergraduate degree at Florida State University while working under the guidance of Immunology professor Kenneth Roux.  He then went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study molecular embryology in the Sea Urchin.  From there, he took a position at Cogent Neuroscience in downtown Durham before returning to academics in Erich Jarvis’ lab at Duke University in the department of neuroscience.   There, he guided multiple genome sequencing projects for the Vertebrate Genome Project and the B10K.  His focus was on song-learning birds and other species as models to study the molecular and genetic mechanisms that underlie vocal learning.  He also has a passion for conservation genomics having sequenced genomes from critically endangered species, including the kakapo.

Outside of the lab he enjoys spending time with his son and daughter.  Together, they enjoy hiking, kayaking, and grilling out in their back yard.