Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Customer Success

Over the past fifteen years Mark has held various commercial, applications and business development roles across numerous geographies in organizations such as Applied Biosystems, Fluidigm Corporation and most recently Genomic Vision.

Mark's passion is to work very closely with customers to bring them the new technology to help advance their understanding of disease mechanisms that they study.

Single-cell biology is an area that Mark helped to establish with key leaders in the field such as EBI-Sanger, Cambridge Institute for Molecular Medicine, CRUK, Pasteur Institute, German Cancer Center, Oxford Genomics Center, and other key customer sites across Europe.

With BioSkryb Genomics Mark again wants to enhance the field use of single-cell multi-omics by bringing the BioSkryb Genomics solutions to the European market to demonstrate cost-effective and comprehensive single-cell multi-omic focused on the research and translational needs of new applications that enable improved health management.

Mark graduated from University of Glasgow, UK in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Microbiology.