Senior Scientist

Originally from Russia, Tatiana received her Master’s degree in Genetics from the Moscow State University. She completed her doctoral work with a degree in Biology in the Institute of Molecular Genetics and her postdoctoral training at the North Carolina State University in the laboratories of Dr. Anholt and Dr. Mackay. As a Senior Research scholar, her primary research focused on complex traits, phenotype-genotype interactions and system biology, using Drosophila as a model system. She worked on discovering candidate genes associated with alcohol-related phenotypes in Drosophila with translational potentials to human alcohol-related phenotypes.

Tatiana joined the R&D BioSkryb team in June 2020, bringing expertise in molecular biology, Next Generation Sequencing, and data analysis.

Outside of the lab she likes hiking and bicycling with her husband and two kids, playing ping-pong and gardening.