BioSkryb Introduces The Next Generation of Single-Cell Technology at AGBT 2024

Join BioSkryb Genomics at AGBT 2024 to learn how the next generation of single-cell technology provides the most comprehensive view of the genome, transcriptome, and targeted proteins. Attendees are invited to connect, learn, and create partnerships that bring innovative multiomic analysis to bear on disease research and therapy discovery.


The Next Generation of Single-Cell Technology – Resolve More with BioSkryb.

Presenter: Jay A.A. West, PhD
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, BioSkryb Genomics
Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Time: 2:40 - 3:00pm EST
Location: Palms Ballroom II & III

At the Bronze Sponsor Workshop on Wednesday, February 7th at 2:40pm, Palms Ballroom II and III, Jay West will reveal how BioSkryb Genomics advances multiomics and highly accurate single-cell analysis with the next generation of single-cell technology.


4th Annual Bourbon & Bacon Event

Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Time: 9:30 EST
Location: Antigua 1

Join us for the 4th Annual Bourbon & Bacon networking event to mingle with AGBT attendees and genomics and multiomics thought leaders over top-shelf bourbon selections and gourmet bacon appetizers.


From detecting single nucleotide variants (SNV) in circulating DNA to long-read sequencing, BioSkryb's poster presentations at this year's AGBT meeting in Orlando, FL, will offer a look at new applications of ResolveDNA® and ResolveOME™ technologies.

Title: Exome, lcWGS-based copy number assessment, complete transcriptome, and surface protein expression from the same individual cell with ResolveOME
Presenter: Katie Kennedy, PhD
FLASH TALK: Tuesday, February 6, 11:25-11:45am EST | Palms Ballroom II & III

Title: Adaptation of MAS-Seq/PacBio and ONT long read technology to the ResolveOME multiomic workflow for single-cell transcript isoform and DNA amplicon interrogation
Presenter: Victor Weigman, PhD

Title: Enrichment of viable cells from patient samples with LeviCell technology as input into the ResolveOME single cell multiomic workflow
Presenter: Alison Rojas, PhD

Title: Broadening the input application of ResolveDNA genomic amplification to detection of SNV in circulating DNA
Presenter: Jon S. Zawistowski, PhD

Title: A droplet-based microfluidic platform combined with primary template-directed amplification (PTA) enables the analysis of clonal heterogeneity and mosaicism in leukemia at single-cell genome level
Presenter: Nan Zong (ETH Zurich)

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