ResolveDNA Whole Genome Sequencing Workflow

The ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Sequencing Workflow is compatible with single cells, multiple cells, and low-input (>4 pg to 10 ng) DNA samples. Whole genome amplification (WGA) is performed in three easy steps. WGA products are converted to libraries for Illumina® sequencing. The BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform offers automated data processing and convenient visualization of variants.

ResolveDNA™ Complete Starter Pack

Everything you need to elevate your amplification results


Each high-quality product in the ResolveDNA Complete Starter Pack has been carefully developed to provide optimal performance for the ResolveDNA Whole Genome Amplification Kit.

The Starter Pack includes:

  • ResolveDNA Whole Genome Amplification Kit - 96 Reactions
  • ResolveDNA Bead Purification Kit - 96 Reactions
  • ResolveDNA Library Preparation Kit
  • ResolveDNA Multi-Use Library Adapters
  • BioSkryb PCR Plate Thermal Mixer
  • BioSkryb PCR Plate Spinner
  • ResolveDNA Magnetic Plate
  • ResolveDNA Cell Buffer Pack
  • 25 Low Bind 96 Well PCR Plates
  • PCR Plate Cooler
  • PCR Plate Sealing Film - Pack of 100

If equipment is not needed, the ResolveDNA™ Consumables Only Starter Pack includes other consumables needed for optimal results with your ResolveDNA Whole Genome Amplification Kit. Pack includes: ResolveDNA Whole Genome Amplification Kit - 96 Reactions, ResolveDNA Bead Purification Kit - 96 Reactions, ResolveDNA Library Preparation Kit - 96 Reactions, ResolveDNA Multi-Use Library Adapters - 960 Reactions, ResolveDNA Cell Buffer Pack, 25 Low Bind 96 Well PCR Plates, PCR Plate Sealing Film - Pack of 100


ResolveDNA™ FACS Kit

For optimum FACS-based cell sorting


The ResolveDNA™ FACS Kit contains everything you need for a successful cell sort. The kit includes 96-well plates, high-quality sealing film, and ResolveDNA PTA-Grade Cell Buffer—specifically optimized for PTA-based whole genome amplification from sorted cells.


ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit

For high-quality single-cell and low-input DNA amplification

Available in 24 and 96 Reaction Kits



ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Amplification Kits overcome the inherent challenges of low coverage uniformity in single cell genomics that lead to increased sequencing costs and complex data analysis.

The controlled reaction parameters employed in this PTA-based kit enables reproducible recovery of >95% of the genomes of single cells and low input DNA samples with industry-leading uniformity and accuracy.


Key features and benefits of ResolveDNA Whole Genome Amplification Kits include:

  • Significantly lower allelic dropout and biases compared to existing WGA methods that yield low and variable coverage across the genome
  • Specific amplification of the primary template with >97% of reads mapping to the human genome and no detectable product in no template control reactions
  • Simple, user-friendly workflow that requires less than 45 mins of hands-on time
  • Consistent WGA fragment sizes and yields from picogram to nanogram inputs
  • Complimentary BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform Beta Version account included with the purchase of Whole Genome Amplification Kits


ResolveDNA™ Bead Purification Kit

For reliable PTA reaction and library cleanup

Available in 24 and 96 Reaction Kits

The ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Amplification and library preparation workflows include a number of bead-based purification steps. ResolveDNA paramagnetic beads support the PTA workflow by offering a reproducible solution to clean up PTA reactions and sequencing libraries.

  • Reliable and consistent size selection profiles
  • Amenable to manual and automated workflows
  • Recovery of amplicon fragments greater than 100bp
  • Compatible with most NGS library prep chemistries




ResolveDNABead Purification Magnets

Ensure high-efficiency bead cleanups



The ResolveDNA bead purification magnets are optimized for use with the ResolveDNA purification beads with PTA reactions. The magnetic plate is specifically designed to keep the plate or PCR strip secure, preventing movement during the purification.

  • ResolveDNA™ Magnetic Plate: compatible with full-skirted, semi-skirted and non-skirted PCR plates and 0.2 mL PCR strip tubes.
  • ResolveDNA™ Dual Volume Strip Tube Magnet: compatible with 8-strip
    0.2 mL PCR tubes. Use one side of the magnet for volumes from 5 µL – 50 µL, and the other side for 50 µL – 0.2 mL volumes.

ResolveDNA™ Library Preparation Kit

Preserve the quality of WGA reactions during library prep

Available in a 96 Reaction Kit

To obtain superior whole genome sequencing data from single cells and ultra-low inputs, it is critical to preserve the quality of WGA reaction products generated with ResolveDNA™ WGA Kits during library preparation.

ResolveDNA Library Preparation Kits employ proprietary technology and reagent formulations to retain molecular diversity and introduce minimal bias during the construction of sequencing-ready libraries. The streamlined, optimized, ligation-based workflow does not require fragmentation of input DNA (WGA reaction products).




ResolveDNA™ Multi-Use Library Adapter Plates

960 Reactions Per Plate


ResolveDNA™ Multi-Use Library Adapters are supplied in a convenient 96-well plate-based format. These adapters have been verified to be compatible with the ResolveDNA™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit at a 10x dilution, allowing for multiple uses per adapter plate. These full-length adapters provide unique dual indices compatible with all Illumina(R) sequencers and support PCR-free workflows. With these adapters, customers can expect the generation of consistent, high-quality sequencing libraries.



BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform


Our innovative, cloud-based BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform was developed to significantly shorten the time between data generation and insights.

  • The platform uses standardized best practices for sequencing analysis, and enable biologists (with no bioinformatics expertise) to explore the unique features of single-cell data.
  • Powerful visualization tools provide easy access to sequence alignments, variant data and data quality metrics across multiple cells or samples.
  • Aligned data may also be downloaded for exploration using other applications.
  • We offer a complimentary BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform Beta Version account to all customers that purchase a Whole Genome Amplification Kit.


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