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The BioSkryb Advantage

The most comprehensive view of the genome, transcriptome, and targeted proteins.

Our state of the art lab offers an end-to-end solution whether your study requires outsourcing, multiple site verification, proof of concept studies, or scalability. Services are customizable to suit your project’s specific needs and each project is managed by one or more of our PhD scientists. Our mission is to support the true visionaries, those who entered the field of science because they want to make transformative discoveries that improve human health.

We offer premium products and services at a competitive price and are here to assist you at any stage in your workflow, from amplification of single cells through data analysis or anywhere in between. We will work with you to customize a true service solution that optimizes and transforms your scientific discoveries. We are here to help you streamline your process, to let every cell tell its story.


Cell Sorting

Whether your starting material is fresh or frozen tissue, cell cultures or single cells, we offer numerous cell isolation and sorting technologies to get your project started.

Whole Genome and Transcriptome Amplification


Our expert team has successfully satisfied customers across academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical projects. Whether you don't have enough time or resources in your busy lab or just want to ensure success with our novel technology, leverage BioSkryb's experience with Primary Template-directed Amplification by sending us your FACS sorted cell for WGA or WGA plus whole transcriptome amplification. Our expert team will run ResolveDNA® Whole Genome Amplification or ResolveOME® Whole Genome and Transcriptome Amplification on your samples with our custom PTA consumables and equipment to maximize results. Projects can also be customized to include exome capture, panel enrichment, or targeted protein analysis

Library Preparation

Once the samples go through the PTA process, sizing and yield of the PTA products will be ascertained by our TapeStation and Qubit Fluorometer. Our specially formulated library preparation reagents will be used for preparing Illumina libraries using BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA Multi-Use Library Adapters. The fragment sizing and yield of Illumina libraries will be determined before sequencing to maximize results. Quality-controlled Illumina libraries can be submitted to BioSkryb’s sequencing pipeline, or we can ship quality-controlled libraries to you for your own sequencing solution. Preparation of libraries for additional sequencing options is also available.



As part of our standard QC process, we include low pass sequencing which provides CNV level data, expression level data (for ResolveOME™, and protein counts (for ResolveOME + protein). In addition, we can also offer deep sequencing, targeting 560M reads, which captures >95% of the genome of each cell at additional cost. Regardless of sequencing depth requested, we guarantee access to Fastq files for 1-year from the date of sample acquisition.

BioSkryb BaseJumper® Bioinformatics Platform

Accelerate genomic exploration today with the BaseJumper Bioinformatics platform from BioSkryb Genomics. Discover what you have been missing!

BaseJumperLaptopCropped (1).png
  • Cloud-based platform to accelerate single-cell infomatics
  • Single cell multiomics data analysis for both DNA and RNA
  • Fast track the interpretation and visualization of large data sets
  • Ultrafast filtering of millions of biomarkers in a study
  • Generate publication-quality figures and reports
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