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  • Cloud based platform to accelerate single-cell informatics
  • Single cell multiomics data analysis for both DNA and RNA
  • Fast track the interpretation and visualization of large data sets
  • Ultrafast filtering of millions of biomarkers in a study
  • Generate publication-quality figures and reports

The BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform, powered by BioSkryb Genomics, is designed to provide bioinformatics analysis and interactive visualization at scale. Uncovering biomarkers and mechanisms of disease demands high volumes of complex data and the ability to quickly slice layers of analyses. Since multi-omic data can be generated across a single cell, organization and mapping of the results are necessary to empower interplay of molecular features. BaseJumper brings speed and ease of use directly into the hands of its users, shifting time from computation to interpretation of results.


Instrumentation and the -omic revolution consistently produce more data, from more projects – shifting the dynamic from biological understanding, to data management and engineering. In typical translational research, we are just now adjusting to keeping up with the addition of more and more individuals to a study. With single cell approaches, now we are increasing this data deluge orders of magnitude as the cells of the individuals in the study are now open to interpretation. BaseJumper is designed to rapidly process these data volumes without the researcher making substantial investments into analytic resources. Combined with its interactive visualization and data filtering, researchers from all disciplines can accelerate interpretation of results in common formats.


Users in the US and Europe can create an account and use a standard web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari) to work within BaseJumper. Account sign up allows access into a demo arena, with access to standard datasets from Resolve chemistries for you to view. Access levels are controlled by BioSkryb Genomics staff, or an organization-appointed administrator enabling users to elevated actions such as: executing pipelines, delivery of results, and sharing results across laboratories.


Instrumentation and the -omic revolution consistently produce more data, from more projects – shifting the dynamic from biological understanding to data management and engineering. To enable better interpretation, consistent approaches should be applied to analysis methodologies and data representation. BaseJumper leverages the latest bioinformatics pipelines and version control to ensure consistent processing of samples across the duration of your project.


Users in the platform can leverage its interface to create a project from disparate data sources (Illumina BaseSpace™ and BioSkryb’s AWS S3, powered by Globus). Data will be pulled and aggregated together, and one or more pipelines can be automatically queued to provide genomic and/or transcriptomic variation. A framework to link molecular data across -omic technologies, along with labeling cell features can be leveraged to enable downstream interpretation.

A suite of visualization apps are available to users within the analysis project that can cover common areas of analysis such as:

  • Genome browsing for allele changes and expression levels
  • Leveraging cellular ID outputs to group genomic features
  • Sample grouping based on similarity of copy number, expression, genotype etc.
  • Principal components analysis across multiple features
  • Significance association of genotype of expression values
  • Filtering of variants based on dozens of annotation databases and common genetic and cancer databases
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Please note, BaseJumper bioinformatics is for research use only. It is not intended for any clinical applications, such as health interpretation, or to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

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