• BioSkryb launches an exclusive Early Access Program at AGBT 2022 for ResolveOME and BaseJumper™, a bioinformatics platform to accelerate single-cell exploration
  • The company also recently released key data demonstrating how ResolveOME allows for the accurate assessment of single nucleotide genome scale plasticity in conjunction with transcriptional profiles

DURHAM, N.C., May 31, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BioSkryb Genomics, a biotech company developing advanced single-cell analysis tools, today announced the launch of the Early Access Program (EAP) for ResolveOME, a unified, single-cell workflow that amplifies the complete genome and full-length mRNA transcripts of the entire transcriptome from the same cell. This unification eliminated the need to split source material or interpret across datasets. Companies and researchers will have the opportunity to apply for the EAP at the upcoming Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2022 General Meeting taking place June 6-9 in Orlando. The EAP will provide first access to BioSkryb’s ResolveOME technology and BaseJumper™, a bioinformatics platform to sort, analyze, and interpret very large single-cell analysis data sets.

“The ability to deeply understand the factors influencing cell heterogeneity is key to unlocking insights into disease and developing new drugs and diagnostics,” said Jay A.A. West, PhD, CEO and Cofounder of BioSkryb. “We developed ResolveOME to deliver multiple tiers of dynamic molecular information to drive novel biological insights and deliver a more complete understanding of the relationship between genotype to phenotype.”

BioSkryb recently released data demonstrating the use of ResolveOME to explore genetic drivers of tumor heterogeneity and treatment resistance. Employing even a relatively small number of individual cells ResolveOME has elucidated biomarkers of cellular variability in both the genome and transcriptome. The study highlights that both the genome and transcriptome are dynamic and plastic within individual cells, leading to a set of combinatorial alterations that affect cellular evolution. ResolveOME enables the unification of broad genomic and transcriptomic data from the same cell, driving a new understanding of the mechanisms of cellular function and differentiation.

“While we are thrilled with the performance of the ResolveOME chemistry system, what continues to surprise us is the incredible plasticity of the genome, compared to the transcriptome. In addition, using full-length mRNA transcriptional profiles from the same cells, we are able to discern the biological impact, or penetrance, of these genome modifications. Discovering genomic variation in the absence of information about transcriptional consequence of that plasticity or, conversely, a transcriptional signature without understanding underlying genomic contributions, hinders the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease,” explained Dr. West. “ResolveOME provides a previously unattainable expansion of data capture and resolution, providing insights into tumor phenotype, immune evasion, and drug resistance which we expect will transform cancer drug discovery and development.”

BioSkryb’s ResolveOME and ResolveDNA TM products incorporate proprietary primary template-directed amplification (PTA) technology, which was created to address the inherent challenges of single-cell genomics by producing high-quality gene sequencing data. PTA technology employs controlled reaction parameters to uniformly amplify >95% of the genomes of single cells and low-input samples with high precision and sensitivity, resulting in the highest quality analyses available today for any single-cell genomic applications.

“In addition to being the first to access ResolveOME, EAP partners will be enabled to leverage BaseJumper™, which links a cell’s identity and genotype to identify and interpret molecular variability,” said Gary Harton, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of BioSkryb. “While both ResolveDNA and Resolve provide an order of magnitude of improvement in sensitivity over conventional bulk sequencing methods, BaseJumper™ provides the ability to visualize the data in an intuitive layout which accelerates discoveries from single-cell genomics.”

During AGBT 2022, BioSkryb scientific experts will be available in the Manatee Suite, located on the lower level of Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek. A limited number of private BaseJumper™ demonstrations are available and can be reserved by emailing info@bioskryb.com.


BioSkryb Genomics is a venture-backed developer of genomic amplification technologies. BioSkryb develops single-cell whole genome amplification tools to study genomic heterogeneity aiding researchers and companies in the discovery of novel insights into human disease at the cellular level. BioSkryb is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.bioskryb.com.

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