At the opening ceremony of the accelerating camp, eight projects were disclosed for the first time, and the first core course of entrepreneurship was started. It is hoped that the accelerating camp will deeply empower start-ups and help them accelerate their growth.


This year's acceleration camp ushered in a new upgrade of industry and capital, and industry and leading institutions have joined forces. Relying on the sponsor's brand influence and industrial resource advantages, Accelerator will use industry resources to provide investment and all-factor incubation services for start-ups, and provide more powerful acceleration assistance. This accelerating camp received a total of more than 100 applications for projects at home and abroad. The organizer passed careful evaluation and selected the best, and finally selected 8 projects to enter the camp and one Project X. The application projects cover molecular diagnostics, cell therapy, and microbiology. Omics, single-cell omics, early tumor screening, AI drug development, organoids, synthetic biology, etc. In addition, in order to better answer questions and answer questions in the project, this year's acceleration camp also equips each project with 1V1 entrepreneurial mentors to help them complete their growth from 0 to 1.

At the beginning of the event, three representatives of the organizers gave the opening speeches for the acceleration camp in turn. Zhao Weiwen, Executive President of Blue Rainbow Life Science Accelerator and Managing Partner of Miracle Light Venture Capital Fund, gave a speech first, expressing welcome to the founders of participating projects, and reviewed the operation process of the acceleration camp and the results of incubation investment. Through the two-wheel drive model of investment and incubation, Blue Rainbow has cultivated more than 150 high-end compound innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the life and health field through the acceleration camp as the cultivation carrier, and has helped nearly 50 life science start-up projects to grow rapidly in the early stage of entrepreneurship. The cumulative project valuation exceeds 10 billion. At the same time, it is hoped that in the coming camp period, the newly upgraded accelerating camp can link to a wider range of resources and help start-ups to accelerate their growth through all-factor incubation services.

Fang Xiao, general manager of MGI China, looked back and looked forward to the rapid development of MGI. He said that MGI’s scientific research innovation and technological development are very fast, and it has gradually transitioned from a tool platform to an ecological platform empowered by domestic platforms. The industry is booming. MGI is also willing to promote Chinese bio-enterprises to enter the global market faster through collaborative innovation. Fu Wenbo, general manager of IDG Innovation and Investment Research Institute, hopefully introduced the positioning and development of IDG Capital Innovation and Investment Research Institute, and referred to the acceleration camp as the cell's power plant "mitochondria". , in this factory that continuously provides ATP energy, the acceleration camp will be accelerated. Partners can create collisions and inspire inspiration through geographical and ideological connections. Afterwards, three representatives of the organizers awarded medals for the entry project, officially starting this accelerated camp tour.

In view of the development characteristics of the life science industry, the actual needs of start-up projects, and the challenges of each stage of the growth cycle, Accelerated Camp has carefully designed entrepreneurial core courses for entry projects. This year's entrepreneurial core curriculum covers five modules, covering macro trends and strategic layout, financing strategies and response, product development and production and marketing, fiscal and taxation law planning and patent layout, talent recruitment and brand building.

The first core course on entrepreneurship was also officially launched. Six entrepreneurial tutors led entrepreneurs to better carry out project strategic layout and "point" thinking around the "Macro Trends and Strategic Layout" module. Zhao Weiwen, CEO of Blue Rainbow Life Science Accelerator and Managing Partner of Miracle Light Venture Capital Fund, firstly brought "Entrepreneurship 101: The Easiest Thing in Entrepreneurship", citing Sun Tzu's "Tao Tiandi General Law" analysis to influence the success of startups the five factors of the ancient military strategy are applied to the management of modern start-ups; through the analysis of multiple real cases, it has clarified which key content will affect the success or failure, and can be controlled by the founder, and also pave the way for the follow-up acceleration camp courses. Liu Yikun, Managing Director of IDG Capital, analyzed the characteristics and trends of the biomedical industry from the perspective of investors. He emphasized that the innovation capability of China's biomedical industry is gradually improving. Only high-barrier innovative technologies and products, a platform-based industrial layout, and an international pattern and vision can have a chance to win in the fiercely competitive market in the future. Mao Jingyi, Head of Compliance of Yuce Biotechnology and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, brought "Planning and Selection of Funding Channels for Start-ups", and by comparing the characteristics of different financing models, analyzing the difficulties and easy points of various financing schemes, and teaching SMEs "tailor-made" financing The way. Yang Danning, a partner of Probe Capital and CEO of Victory Consulting, Only shared a guide for writing and using business plans by building a business plan with "soul, skeleton and flesh and blood" can we better capture investors' attention. Cao Xiaoyu, the chief lawyer of Victory Consulting , analyzed the core elements that affect the smoothness of financing negotiations around the three negotiation dimensions of "rivals, information, and principles", and explained in detail the core terms of investment agreements, bringing entrepreneurs the skills and methods of investment negotiations. Dai Minghan, the investment director of Miracle Light Venture Capital Fund, explains investors' background research methods and communication skills to help entrepreneurs better choose investors for suitable projects and establish good trust relationships with investors.

At the opening of the camp, the organizer also arranged a unique icebreaking team-building activity, aimed at breaking the campers' diaphragm and creating a relaxed and harmonious team atmosphere. It is reported that in the follow-up to the acceleration camp, there will be a number of customized home games that will be launched one after another to provide diversified guidance and services for the entry projects. I also look forward to encountering the possibilities during this trip to the acceleration camp and colliding more sparks! Please stay tuned to the Blue Rainbow official account for more information on activities and courses.

Introduction to Entry Projects

Project 1. With rich clinical resources and cell therapy experience, we are committed to the research and development and industrialization of innovative solid tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) drugs.

Project 2. Relying on the technical platform of a national-level microbiological research institution, the project established a full-chain technology platform from bacteria to medicine from high-throughput anaerobic bacteria screening, functional identification to drug production. The company's first drug has been approved by the IND.

Project 3. The project independently developed the world's leading nucleic acid-free extraction technology CLIP-PCR. The company uses this technology as the core to provide molecular diagnostic reagent products and molecular diagnostic intelligent equipment and services.

Project 4. The project has PTA (Primary Template-directed Amplification) single-cell whole genome amplification technology, which provides high-yield, high-fidelity, high-uniformity, and high-reproducibility for single-cell whole-genome analysis Of amplification. This technology is also suitable for application scenarios where the initial amount of nucleic acid is very low.

Project 5. Based on the cohort study of Canada's largest pregnant research population, focusing on the discovery of biomarkers of preterm birth and the development of corresponding kits for screening people at risk of preterm birth and reducing the risk of preterm birth.

Project 6. The project has a million-level RNA molecular library and a multi-billion-level virtual library of small molecule compounds. Through transcriptome data and artificial intelligence technology, it provides computer drug screening for innovative drug research and development, drug property prediction, etc., as well as targeting the transcriptome data predicts small molecule drugs.

Project 7. The company has a unique high-throughput chip platform and analysis technology that "perfectly" integrates with organoids, which can quickly, accurately, and digitally assist the development of anti-tumor drugs and precision treatment, which is expected to bring about a revolution in new drug research and development change.

Project 8. The company has a unique synthetic biology and antigen discovery platform that can rationally design and reprogram pathogenic bacteria, so as to develop next-generation vaccines and live bacteria drugs to meet global public health security challenges.