Meet BioSkryb's New Commercial Team Members

We are excited to welcome three new team members who bring deep scientific knowledge as well as technical experience in supporting researcher needs in applying new genomic and molecular biology solutions.

“Just as we know each cell is unique, so are our people,” said Jay West, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder of BioSkryb. “Here we want to tell the stories of our new team members because their unique backgrounds and dedication to this space are what will ultimately help our customers uncover the untold story of each cell to enable a new world of individualized answers.”

Jill Waters is an accomplished scientist with more than 15 years of next generation sequencing (NGS) experience and was most recently a Field Application Scientist at Genapsys. She started her NGS career in single cell genomics when less than a handful of labs around the world had knowledge of the space. Her background in early R&D and cutting-edge, blue-sky technology informs her creative approach to supporting customers on the field applications side of science.

“Over 15 years ago, when single cell genomics was first born, we saw a gap in obtaining both SNV and CNV data from the same WGA technique, so I am excited to join and support BioSkryb, who has finally filled that gap with their PTA technology,” said Jill.

BioSkryb’s Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA) technology is a novel whole genome amplification approach that amplifies the genomes of single cells in a more accurate, uniform, and reproducible manner than previous methods. PTA accurately calls variants in genomes and reproducibly captures more than 95% of the genomes of single cells in a more consistent and accurate manner than existing approaches.

Jennifer Van Fleet has more than 15 years of biotech industry experience in sales and account management and most recently supported NGS products as a Senior Genomic Solutions Specialist at Roche. Her career has been dedicated to developing strong collaborative relationships with researchers.

Jennifer said, “I am excited to join Bioskryb to work with a dedicated and driven team to provide accurate tools for single cell analysis that will enable improved health outcomes.”

Sofía De León Tobal, Ph.D., has been in technical sales for nearly 10 years for Integrated DNA Technologies. Sofia has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Temple University and held a postdoctoral fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

“I am excited to be working for a company that is committed to improving the single cell genomics world,” said Sofía. “At BioSkryb, there’s a commitment to higher service and innovation, and the team is hardworking, dedicated, and overall fantastic to work with.”

If you have a project that you think can benefit from our PTA technology and our experience, contact us here.


BioSkryb is a venture-backed developer of genomic amplification technologies based in Durham, North Carolina. Their proprietary Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA) system delivers reproducible, high coverage breadth, and uniformity for various low or ultra-low input sequencing applications. BioSkryb’s solutions support sequencing library generation produced from limiting samples that have undergone whole genome amplification, resulting in the highest quality genetic analyses available today.

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