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BioSkryb’s ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Amplification Kit combines our breakthrough whole-genome amplification (WGA) technology, Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA), with full-transcript reverse transcription, and our innovative BaseJumper® computational tools to pave the way for comprehensive single-cell multiomic analysis. Capable of near-complete coverage of the genome and mRNA transcriptome, our ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kit melds genome variation data with transcriptional layers of information to provide a more complete picture of the drivers and consequences of clonal heterogeneity within cell populations than ever before.

Breadth of data accessible with the ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Amplification Kit. Unlike droplet-based single-cell DNAseq and 3’-end counting RNAseq platforms, the ResolveOME workflow offers a comprehensive view of the genome, mRNA transcriptome, and inferred impacts of protein sequence alterations. ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kit supports more modalities (number of segments), and typically offer more complete coverage within individual modalities (length of segments, normalized to 100%). Although droplet-based methods may offer higher throughput, our ResolveOME Kit yields data from a significantly higher proportion (>3-fold) of input cells. Data dials were generated using a combination of quantitative and qualitative internal and published data.

Integrated ResolveOME workflow. Sequential disruption of cellular and nuclear membranes allow for first-strand cDNA synthesis and WGA to be performed in the in the same tube, without intermediate cleanup steps.

  • Only requires a single cell for the construction of a whole-genome and full-length mRNA transcriptome library.
  • Completed in a single day, from cell sorting to sequencing-ready libraries.
  • The same quality WGA performance as ResolveDNA: PTA leads to reduced amplification artifacts, >97% genomic amplification coverage and improved allelic balance compared to traditional MDA
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  • Assay performance characteristics are shown for DNA (Table 1) and RNA (Table 2) isolated from NA12878 single cells using ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kit. WGS: whole genome sequencing. WTS: whole transcriptome sequencing.
  • Complete genome and full-length mRNA coverage reveals the consequence of genomic variation (all major variant classes) on gene expression and transcript structure, and exposes subtle changes in inferred protein sequence that may profoundly impact structure, function, and activity.
  • A unified workflow for the interrogation of DNA and RNA from the same cell eliminates the need for splitting source material or interpreting across data sets.
  • Full transcriptome workflow enables enhanced RNA analysis compared to droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing, providing full transcript RNA-Seq, splicing and isoform detection, and gene fusion detection.


MSDS (ResolveOME V2)

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