Comprehensive system that enables unmatched single cell multiomic analysis is now widely available following the completion of a successful Early Access Program

DURHAM, N.C. – February 7, 2023 - BioSkryb Genomics, a pioneer in comprehensive single cell multiomic research solutions, today announced the commercial launch of its ResolveOME™ Whole Genome and Transcriptome Amplification system and BaseJumper™ Bioinformatics Platform at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2023 General Meeting.

For the first time in the single cell analysis market, ResolveOME makes it possible to interrogate the entire genome, transcriptome, exomes, or targeted gene content from a single cell with exceptional coverage and accuracy. When coupled with BioSkryb’s BaseJumper Bioinformatics platform, which provides simple and dynamic visualization of multiomic findings, investigators can now comprehensively explore the cellular ecosystem to enhance our understanding of complex human disease.

"The technological advances at BioSkryb that allow concurrent analysis of the genome, transcriptome, and proteome at single cell resolution are unprecedented, and will lead the way to new biological insights,” said Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH, Surgical Oncologist and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Surgery, Duke University.

Traditionally, single cell methods have only been able to decode a limited portion of the genome or transcriptome, or researchers were required to rely on bulk samples. This approach lacks the resolution necessary to fully comprehend the molecular and cellular dynamics of biological systems, and it can also be time intensive. However, the ResolveOME system addresses these limitations through its breakthrough single cell whole-genome amplification (WGA) technique utilizing proprietary and patented Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA), along with full-transcript reverse transcription. As a result, the ResolveOME system offers a comprehensive single cell multiomic solution, enabling the simultaneous exploration of both the whole genome and whole mRNA transcriptome from the same single cell. Additionally, the assay provides the flexibility to examine the whole exome or smaller targeted portions of the genome based on the researcher's needs, with unmatched comprehensive coverage and allelic balance in the market.

“We are thrilled to make our ResolveOME system widely available after the successful completion of our Early Access Program with key scientific partners,” said Suresh Pisharody, CEO of BioSkryb. “Our cutting-edge technology allows for a deeper understanding of the cellular ecosystem, providing insights into tumor phenotypes, immune evasion, and drug resistance, which have the potential to greatly impact cancer drug discovery and development efforts, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.”

The BaseJumper Bioinformatics Platform has been designed to complement the ResolveOME system, streamlining the process of single cell informatics at scale. The platform allows for the rapid organization and mapping of multiomic (DNA, RNA, and protein) data generated by the ResolveOME system, empowering researchers from all disciplines to easily interpret and visualize large data sets through dynamic filtering capabilities and a suite of visualization applications.

“ResolveOME and BaseJumper are leading the way in a new era of single cell genomics by accelerating and expanding both the ability to view the vast multiomic dynamics within each single cell along with the visualization of that data,” said Dr. Jay West, CTO and Co-Founder of BioSkryb. “The BaseJumper Platform not only allows for the ultrafast filtering of millions of biomarkers in a study, but it can also generate publication-quality figures and reports, greatly expediting the discovery process for scientists.”

The BioSkryb team will showcase both solutions at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2023 General Meeting taking place February 6-9 in Hollywood, Florida. The BioSkryb suite is located in the South Tower on the third level of The Diplomat Hotel (#317). To schedule a demo or meeting, please email

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