The product solution combines HP’s new D100 Single Cell Dispenser with BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA® technology to enable the investigation of large single-cell genomics studies with unprecedented coverage and accuracy

DURHAM, N.C. – August 3, 2023 - BioSkryb Genomics, a pioneer in comprehensive single-cell multiomic research solutions, optimized a high-throughput workflow of BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA® Single-Cell Whole Genome Amplification technology on HP’s new D100 Single Cell Dispenser to deliver single-cell genomics at scale.

BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA whole genome amplification technology unlocks the ability for users to accurately examine whole genomes from single cells and reveals novel insights on the molecular drivers of disease. HP’s D100 Single Cell Dispenser makes accessible single-cell analysis with high occupancy, viability, and precision. HP’s simple but powerful software combines cell isolation and reagent dispense for workflow miniaturization.

“The ability to read out the entire genome of individual cells at high resolution will transform our efforts to understand cancer development,” said Dr. Alexander Bick, M.D. Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Division of Genetic Medicine. “The combination of BioSkryb’s high throughput ResolveDNA solution with the HP D100 Single Cell Dispenser has enabled us to increase our single cell whole genome sequencing throughput by a factor of 50.”

By merging these powerful technologies, investigators will now be able examine whole genomes of large sample cohorts like never before. With this level of throughput, BioSkryb’s technology can be easily and accurately applied in large sample projects analyzing tens of thousands of cells.

“Through the combination of ResolveDNA and D100 Dispenser, our customers will be able to apply true single-cell genomic and multiomic analysis to projects with sample sizes in the thousands, and reduce the cost of these large projects,” said Suresh Pisharody, CEO of BioSkryb Genomics. “This will generate single-cell genomic and multiomic data on an unprecedented scale, opening the door to a new realm of exploration possibilities across oncology, cell and gene therapy, neurology, reproductive genomics, microbiome, and other important applications of genomics.”

In initial testing that analyzed thousands of single cells, deployment of the BioSkryb ResolveDNA chemistry with the HP D100 created high uniformity of single-cell genomic amplification. High DNA yield was observed across the sample set, with high allelic balance and genomic coverage as seen in downstream whole-genome sequencing.

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