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Heterogeneity is defined as the quality or state of being diverse in character or content. Cellular heterogeneity drives our diversity as humans via a set of variations in our DNA, resulting in the differences we see in our attributes, senses and ability to live a long, healthy life. These DNA changes can also drive the development of diseases, such as cancer, and better understanding the cell to cell genomic variability is critical for the development of more precise and effective treatments.

The BioSkryb Advantage

The cell is the building block of life. It drives the function of physiological processes and is ultimately responsible for human health. Better understanding those processes and how defects in them lead to human disease requires analyzing down to the single cell level. Unfortunately, most research is not executed to single cell resolution or looks at an incomplete picture of the molecular determinates of disease. To meet that need, BioSkryb Genomics is ushering in a new era of single-cell analysis. With our patented Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA), BaseJumper™ bioinformatics platform, and other technologies and services, we support scientific discoveries revealing multiple tiers of dynamic molecular information all from a single cell. Those discoveries drive novel biological insights and deliver a more complete understanding of the relationship between genes and disease, advancing the development of more precise treatments. Let us show you what you have been missing.


ResolveOME uses a unified workflow to amplify the genome and transcriptome from the same cell simultaneously, eliminating the need to split samples and the need to cross reference data. Experience a new era of multiomic analysis.


BaseJumper is an easy-to-use bioinformatics platform with the ability to visualize data in an intuitive layout to drive the discovery of complex molecular characteristics of single-cell genomics.


ResolveDNA amplification technology allows for unprecedented genome recovery (>95%) and coverage uniformity, as well as, SNV calling sensitivity and specificity in single-cell genomics.

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