New ResolveDNA® and ResolveOME™ single-cell kits generate sequencing-ready libraries in under eight hours

DURHAM, N.C. – March 13, 2024 - BioSkryb Genomics, a company ushering in the next generation of single-cell technology, today announced the commercial launch of its new ResolveDNA Whole Genome and ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kits, which are now available to U.S. and international customers.

The new single-cell core kits leverage the power of primary template-directed amplification (PTA) in an end-to-end kitted workflow that provides amplification and library preparation reagents, sequencing adapters, and the BaseJumper® bioinformatics platform. The company’s foundational PTA chemistry enables high-resolution single-cell DNA insights with 97% genomic coverage and 93% allelic balance. As part of these new kit configurations, total workflow time has been reduced to under eight hours for both products.

“These new core kits provide researchers with an optimized and validated workflow that delivers industry-leading single-cell multiomic performance,” said Suresh Pisharody, CEO, BioSkryb. “After introducing the new core kits at AGBT 2024, we’ve received strong interest from researchers that want streamlined workflows without compromising on data quality or multiomic insights. We are excited to officially make these new products available to the global market.”

The ResolveDNA kit allows researchers to resolve clonal architectures that are defined by genome-wide co-occurrence of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number variants (CNVs), and structural variants (SVs), yielding unprecedented insights into clonal heterogeneity. With the improved scalability of its best-in-class whole genome amplification (WGA) technology, researchers can now study longitudinal samples to profile clonal evolution and better understand disease pathogenesis.

The ResolveOME Whole Genome and Transcriptome Single-Cell Core Kit leverages its PTA-based WGA technology to couple each single cell’s whole genome with its full-length whole transcriptome. Unifying both DNA and RNA from every cell eliminates the need for splitting samples or inferring trends between single-analyte data sets.

“Our ResolveOME technology uniquely enables researchers to study, for example, the impact of diverse DNA variants across the genome on gene expression within each cell and with isoform resolution,” said Aaron Llanso, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.

Comprehensive multiomic analysis and data visualization are available with BioSkryb’s cloud-based BaseJumper platform. Offered as self- or fee-for-service, BaseJumper includes pre-designed analysis pipelines, quality control tools, dynamic data filtering, sample annotation, and a suite of data visualization applications to generate publication-ready figures.

The company’s ResolveServices™ team is additionally expanding its custom multiomic solutions with the announcement of the ResolveXOME™ exome enrichment solution, as well as custom DNA panels.

“Our goal is to provide customers with the flexibility to select the breadth of genomic data based on application,” Llanso continued. “Whether whole genome discovery research or more focused exome and panel enrichment applications, we can integrate the genomic context with the whole transcriptome and targeted surface proteins from every cell.”

To request a demo or to learn more, please visit the BioSkryb website.

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